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Ethnic Art of India
Sponsored by: Gujarat state Lalit kala academy
The Art & The Artist
Artist Sandhya Arvind:-
India is a Country of one of the oldest civilizations.Modern India inherits rich art and culture from its mythological past.Traditionally art has been an integral part of the nation's heritage.Tribal art has its origin in the stoneage and caveage paintings existing in several parts of country.Folkart draws inspiration from Indian mythology which is more than five thousand years old.

Sandhya Arvind is an internationally celebrated artist in Indian ethnic art of Madhubani and Warli. Her artwork is proudly chosen by art lovers,collectors and investors world over. The presence of her prestigious creations in corporate houses, palaces, homes of celebrities and industrialists, art connoisseurs, NRIs the USA, UK, Australia, Germany,France, Italy,Russia,Japan,Singapore etc.besides India demonstrates her popularity.Some of the fans abroad have a dedicated gallery of Sandhya Arvind collection.
Sandhya Arvind

Recognising her achievement, State Lalit Kala Academy [premier art academy] chose and sponsored her artwork for display in the country.University Grants Commission honoured her as an expert to lead art workshop for university teachers.

The success behind the accomplishment lies in her thirty years of pursuit in academic research and experimentation with the art, She holds twin post graduate university degrees. Her continued study and practice of the art,experimenting on various modes of expression made her an established master artist.

Doyen of Industry Shri B.K.Birla, Her Highness the Maharani Urvashi Devi, noted Gazal artist Mr.Manhar Udhas, Mr. John Thurman MD[Europe] Pyrotek,Capt.C.P.Krishna Nair Chairman Leela Hotels,Shri Ranjit Shahani M.D.Novartis and Smt Indu Shahani[Sheriff of Mumbai], Petrov and Susanna Sadav of Russia,Mr.Allan Hartog,Queensland Australia, Ms.Jacky Vrabel, UK, Mr.Gunter Schumacher Germany, Kam Miller, Stefan Johansson of USA are but few who have acclaimed and patronised her art.

Her art is admired for both, its commercial as well as critical value and is prized possession for art collectors and investors.

Distinguishing Features:-
The artwork is oil on hardboard. It is ready to hang, framed in rustic cane or timber wood. Her distinguishing skill of relief effect that creates projection from surface, gives a sculpted texture to the colourful images. This feature amazingly enlivens the expressions.

A protective coating prevents weathering effect, fading of artwork. It resists moisture and gives long life.


Sandhya Arvind's artwork poetisised internationally!!!

Project Prerna:

Prerna is Sandhya Arvind’s project with the Indian born British poet Usha Kishore. Usha is now poetising a set of Sandhya’s Madhubani and Warli paintings. Usha Kishore specialises in Ekphrastic work and has previously worked with the British artist Carola Colley on a similar project entitled, Project Ekphrasis, which was featured in the Lindfield Arts Festival, UK. Currently, Usha is also poetisising on the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

British online art Journal 'Patchwork Paper' has published Usha's "Village Sonnets" based on Sandhya's artwork.
visit : http://patchworkpaper.co.uk/2014/06/village-sonnets/

Patron's opinion !!!

John Thurman, U.K. , Gen. Manager, Pyrotek
“I love your paintings – they are quite magical”
“I see that major art investors are moving into Indian Art like this as the next - new contemporary art bonanza”

“..Noticed some beautiful new works by you that I intend to add for my Sandhya Arvind collection... I wish you reserve the 'Raas Leela..it is simply beautiful, fantastic, stunning, quite magical. The whole composition is total delight' .I also express my strong interest in the following five artworks..that I must have!.. you have wonderful talent1... I see that major art investors are moving into Indian art as the next-new contemporary art bonanza.”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with John Thurman

Larry Thrasher, Berkeley , CA , USA
“Beautiful, very intuitive and innovative” 

M S Bhalerao
“The Warli and Madhubani creations give picturesque experience of the culture of the tribes, their concepts and rare values stored forever”.

Mamie R Miller, USA
“An enjoyable meeting and learning about the paintings. They are very joyful and uplifting”.

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Larry Thrasher

Capt. C P Krishna Nair, Chairman, Leela Hotels , India
“Excellent Work”

Stefan Johansson, Tetra Pak, Inc.
“I really enjoyed the Exhibition. Beautiful natural paintings. One of them I will enjoy further hanging on my wall at home”.

Dr. Nalin Trivedi , India
“It is interesting how an ancient style and a contemporary medium have been juxtaposed”.

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Capt. C P Krishna Nair

Shri B. K. Birla
“Very attractive exhibits”

H.H.Urvashi Devi, Devgarh Baria
“....your beautiful painting was my personal indulgence....I am glad!”

Sara & Israel
“You really feel the spirit of India reflected in the pictures!!”

Allan Hartog
“Absolutely amazing”

Capt. C.P. Krishna Nair, Chairman Leela Hotels
“Excellent art...”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Her Highness Urvashi Devi, Devgarh Baria.

Jacky Vrabel, U.K.
Very charming and original!

Larry Thrasher, USA
“Very inspiring art that warms the heart! This art is timeless!”

Shashank Shankar
“God bless you for spreading joy in the world through such wonderful work”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Jacky Vrabel, U.K..

Tony Ince, Nottingham , England
“Unusual and very good variety of work.Will look splendid on the walls of my home”

Petrov, Russia
“...very good”

Schenck Annabel, France
“Richness of folk and tribal is there”

The Artist Sandhya Arvind with Susana, Russia.
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