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Indian Folk Art - Madhubani - Gallery

Madhu is honey and ban is forest.Madhuban is beautiful forest area of of Bihar [Eastern India]. The natives are pious, religious and as sweet. Their acknowledgement to the almighty for bliss through nature finds many expressions of their Madhubani folk art. It dates back to Ramayana period. When King Janak commissioned local women artists to decorate the walls of his palace on the epical theme of Mahabharata at the Swayamwar marriage of his daughter Sita with Lord Ram. The tradition is still alive in Bihar where women folk decorate their house walls on auspicious occasions, festivities and rituals. Madhubani paintings are regarded as the most attractive form of legends, rituals, age old scriptures and epics.

In the last century, some of the Westerners accidentally noticed the art so far hidden in the four walls. They were amazed at the treasured beauty of the art and encouraged the natives to give it a global exposure. With its promotion in the West and in Japan the art has gained immense popularity world over.

The characteristic of Madhubani art is the bold, vibrant colours and contrast patterns.The images are typical of bulging eyes, jotting nose. The drapery with colourful print and design are eye catching. It is a 'living art' that depicts living objects.

Please see enlarged view of the images for enhanced clarity and to capture relief effect.

Item Code : MWR 552
Size            : 12” X 18”
                   : 30 cms X 45 cms
Frame        : Wooden

Gopi (the woman) is pounding grains. The costume covering head, running upto feet is called ‘Odhani’ the skit is ‘Ghagra’.

Madhubani art has vibrant colours with well defined human / animal objects, bodyparts, limbs, decorative traditional costumes. Each artwork is distinctly bordered artistically.

In the artwork an effect of stained glass painting (without use of glass) is painstakingly created by the artist. Each artwork is distinctly bordered decoratively.


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